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Meet Our Diverse and Growing Network of NorthIX Members

At NorthIX, we pride ourselves on connecting our members with high-speed and reliable internet services from a diverse range of Nordic service providers.

NorthIX Memberlist

Our members have access to a range of peering options, including hosting providers, data centers, esports clubs, and LAN parties, all of whom are located in the North. This allows our members to easily exchange internet traffic and connect with their customers, providing new growth opportunities and enhanced service delivery.

Name AS V6 Route Server
Noah Kornelius Svanholm AS61298 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:612:98:1
Victor Pahuus Petersen AS199175 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9175:1
Tomas William Smith AS58052 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:58:52:1
Alexander Moeller AS199423 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9423:1
KYBERORG NET AS216311 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6311:1
Noah Kornelius Svanholm - Home Network AS199685 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9685:1
TomasSystems Research AS199671 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9671:1
nurohman AS203913 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:3913:1
Didrik Emil Andre Johannesson AS216113 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6113:1
Exodo AS44876 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:4876:1
SHADOWRHYTHM AS200754 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0754:1
Rustianur Hanifah Zahra AS44817 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:4817:1
ILHAM MAULANA AS203686 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:3686:1
M Alhuda AS216375 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6375:1
FansNet AS209294 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:9294:1
Rifqi Arief Pamungkas AS199514 AS199514 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9514:1
U92 AS201938 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:1938:1
James Ledger AS216126 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6126:1
Dynamic Quantum Networks AS200351 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0351:1
Decima LLC AS199632 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9632:1
Shanghai Sunwen Advertising Co., Ltd AS49195 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:9195:1

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