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At NorthIX, we pride ourselves on connecting our members with high-speed and reliable internet services from a diverse range of Nordic service providers.

NorthIX Memberlist

Our members have access to a range of peering options, including hosting providers, data centers, esports clubs, and LAN parties, all of whom are located in the North. This allows our members to easily exchange internet traffic and connect with their customers, providing new growth opportunities and enhanced service delivery.

Name AS V6 Port Speed Route Server
Noah Kornelius Svanholm AS61298 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:612:98:1 10 Gbit
Victor Pahuus Petersen AS199175 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9175:1 10 Gbit
Tomas William Smith AS58052 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:58:52:1 10 Gbit
Alexander Moeller AS199423 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9423:1 10 Gbit
Noah Kornelius Svanholm - Home Network AS199685 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9685:1 1 Gbit
TomasSystems Research AS199671 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9671:1 10 Gbit
Didrik Emil Andre Johannesson AS216113 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6113:1 1 Gbit
Exodo AS44876 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:4876:1 1 Gbit
SHADOWRHYTHM AS200754 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0754:1 1 Gbit
Rustianur Hanifah Zahra AS44817 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:4817:1 10 Gbit
ILHAM MAULANA AS203686 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:3686:1 1 Gbit
M Alhuda AS216375 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6375:1 1 Gbit
FansNet AS209294 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:9294:1 1 Gbit
Rifqi Arief Pamungkas AS199514 AS199514 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9514:1 1 Gbit
U92 AS201938 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:1938:1 1 Gbit
Dynamic Quantum Networks AS200351 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0351:1 1 Gbit
Decima LLC AS199632 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9632:1 1 Gbit
Sigai Network AS199467 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9467:1 1 Gbit
WJY Limited AS62246 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:6:2246:1 10 Gbit
ZIPENG DENG AS200558 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0558:1 1 Gbit
NETSYN AS200850 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0850:1 10 Gbit
Sunoaki Network AS47778 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:7778:1 1 Gbit
CaiHui Ning AS216243 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6243:1 10 Gbit
Cloudie Networks AS924 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:0:0924:1 1 Gbit
Pigeon Telecom AS198304 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:8304:1 1 Gbit
JSMSR NetWork AS199605 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9605:1 1 Gbit
Azurite27 Network AS142551 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:14:2551:1 10 Gbit
John Leo Navarro AS199676 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9676:1 1 Gbit
John Carlo Olideles AS200879 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0879:1 10 Gbit
ParadoxNetworks Limited AS52025 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:5:2025:1 1 Gbit
Bling Network AS51087 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:5:1087:1 10 Gbit
Gregory Shapiro AS199518 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9518:1 1 Gbit
Arcdigital AS215971 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5971:1 1 Gbit
Alexander Bruegmann AS212085 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:2085:1 1 Gbit
Jonas Busch AS203333 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:3333:1 1 Gbit
Malte Bittner AS197814 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:7814:1 1 Gbit
Fnutt Consulting AS57381 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:5:7381:1 1 Gbit
Marco d'Angelo AS208753 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:8753:1 1 Gbit
Berik Ashimov AS215953 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5953:1 10 Gbit
MYIP AS215956 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5956:1 1 Gbit
Yanislav Basiuk AS200993 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:0993:1 1 Gbit
PIONEN AS216469 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6469:1 1 Gbit
ATARE AS215907 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5907:1 1 Gbit
MoeDove AS44324 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:4324:1 1 Gbit
NoPKT AS215791 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5791:1 1 Gbit
NoPKT-DK AS215745 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5745:1 1 Gbit
Ridwanulloh AS215683 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5683:1 1 Gbit
Hide Digital Security AS215674 AS215674 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5674:1 1 Gbit
Adrian Hom AS215804 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5804:1 1 Gbit
Aaron Russell AS49132 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:4:9132:1 1 Gbit - The Komputer Laboratory AS216311 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:6311:1 1 Gbit
Adrian Hiller AS207079 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:20:7079:1 1 Gbit
Shams Hanna AS215605 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5605:1 1 Gbit
PT Hide Digital Security - 215409 AS215409 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:21:5409:1 1 Gbit
pcela AS199763 2001:67c:bec:c7:0:19:9763:1 1 Gbit

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